Differences Between Custom Tattoo Designs and Traditional Designs

   The history of tattoos is reckoned in centuries and even in thousands of years. Today this kind of art has two tendencies both of which are equally popular among those who are fond of patterns on the body. These trends are traditional tattoo designs and custom tattoo designs. What is the difference between them?

   The traditional designs. These designs include the creations done in a primitive technique with a minimum set of colors such as black, white and brown as other inks have been introduced considerably short time ago. Mostly they were not very deep artistic, so called “quick and dirty”, and didn’t possess any profound philosophical content. Therefore the traditional tattoo designs looked like simple black contours and outlines.  Such tattoos often came along with some lettering. For instance, sailors’ tattoos in the form of an anchor with a ship’s name on the flag or a heart broken by a Cupid’s arrow with the inscription “love” or the name of an object of adoration, horseshoes, snakes and skulls with the word “death” and so on were the characteristic of the traditional designs. In other words, they depicted massive threads that united people around the world.

   Traditional subjects were mostly hearts, flowers, angels, animals, mermaids, anchors, ships, sculls, beauties, zodiac signs, military symbols, etc. The tattoos were carried out, as a rule, without shadows with just a few colors and black contours. However, the traditional design still exists nowadays but it has been modified and acquired a different meaning. It is no longer primal but looks fresh and up-to-date.

   Custom designs. The latest trend in the world of tattoo is custom tattoo design. It’s hard to decide whether a custom tattoo design is the right choice or a traditional. Anyway, each of them deserves attention. In comparison with the traditional tattoos custom design offers more choice of techniques, subjects and sizes and at the same time it’s unique and has personal style. Each tattoo is designed individually just for one person. It can reflect some private events or experiences, some objects that are connected with an individual. So, custom tattoo designs take into consideration one’s personal ideas, preferences and expectations. You can be assured that such tattoo is made only for you. These tattoos can be applied to any part of the body as well and many tattoo hobbyists experiment with different extraordinary places.

   Nevertheless, if you once decided to have a custom tattoo you should keep in mind several common rules to get exactly what you need:

  1. Think of the part of the body you would like to tattoo and imagine the design or at least the theme of your future tattoo.
  2. Consult a professional tattoo artist, draw a sample of what you wish and discuss the details. An expert tattoo designer will also fit your tattoo to where it is going to be placed.
  3. Don’t forget to take the stencil of your tattoo as it is such the only one in the world.

   Some people have no creative thinking and can’t dream up an accurate design but have a strong desire to make a custom tattoo. There’s also a way out. They can find lots of various samples and designs in the internet that will satisfy their requirements and tastes, change them in the way of their style and add some personal traits. The wide range of ideas presented and available online allows us to combine several patterns at the same time.

   One more important point is choosing colors. It’s not necessary that colors should be the same as those of the sample. You can change them according to your preferences as the main thing here is to feel that the tattoo is yours.      

   Anyway, no matter what techniques and styles you’ll consider for a tattoo, it firstly must please you and be perfect for you.

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