Lowdown on Old School Tattoo Designs


   A characteristic feature of traditional tattoos is a feeling of nostalgia. The wearer of a tattoo depicting a character from a movie may have some reminiscences of that movie. The reason may also be that people would like to connect themselves with a particular group or even a historical age.

   Full of Color

   Traditional designs are usually bright, full of color and fun. Just because of their being good fun so many people set their choice on traditional tattoos.

   Sense of Humor

   Those people who decide on being tattooed with an old school tattoo often do it with some sense of humor. But traditional tattoos do not deserve irony. They give the possibility to implement interesting ideas. One of the ideas is to combine traditional and new things. For example, the pattern you choose is traditional, but the place you put it onto is not, like having something traditional printed on the lower back.



   Love has always been a popular theme in tattoos. The most popular symbols of love are the heart, a rose or someone’s name. If someone is seeking for good luck, a horseshoe tattoo will be a good choice as it is a symbol of good fortune.



   Birds in flight are gaining more popularity nowadays. Such designs can be positioned symmetrically just in the middle of the lower back or off-centre, which provides a beautiful plunge. Different birds symbolize different things. For example, an eagle stands for strength and bravery, a blue swallow means a return to home or to life.



   If this feeling is familiar to you, you may want a melancholic design. There is a lot to choose from. First of all, it may be the skull which symbolizes death. For many people it looks repulsive, but it is possible to make it more attractive by including flowers in the design. Then, there is the Grim Reaper, the sword and designs with barbed-wire. In fact, nothing will stop you from embodying other images.



   Sea themes have always been chosen for tattoo designs. These are tattoos of anchors, mermaids and stars. Anchors look cool thanks to their shape. A very popular idea is to include names in the design. Perhaps, it should be your name as relationships do break down. Then the only way out will be to apply to removal surgery. Stars trace the femininity of your back, which is great. A mermaid will also accentuate your femininity if its long hair curves your lower back.


   Find the Perfect Design for You

   Lots of old school tattoo designs are at your disposal. The fact that these tattoos have passed the test of time speaks for itself. So spare no time for research, and then decide which one would match your personality the best.

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