Colors of Tattoo Ink : how to choose

   If you decided to ink a tattoo but are not assured about the color choice, this article will help you to resolve, what colors would be better to use. 

   Nowadays tattooing is gaining popularity every day and become common. There are lots of people who decide to get a traditional tattoo especially among the young ones. Some of them perceive tattooing as a new fashion wave. Some of them use tattooing to express themselves or to mark their personal qualities. Others think of tattoo just like of some kind of body art. All these reasons made tattoo art one of the leading  elements of modern fashion. The popularity of tattooing created a lot of various styles and designs, so, if you would like to have a tattoo, there are a lot of things that you should consider - such as the part of the body where the picture will be inked, design and shape of it and the ink colors.


   The structure of tattoo ink

    Tattoo ink represents the substance that brings colors into a tattoo. It is injected under the skin to make color permanent. Actually it is not absolutely permanent and colors become faded when some period of time is passed. There are two basic components that are making up ink - pigment and carrier.



    Pigments provide the color. They are finely grounded materials. They may be made of anything from vegetable dyes and minerals to plastics and iron, chromium and zinc oxides. 



    Carriers represent the liquid substances diluting pigments and delivering them into skin.  They arrange the pigment equally avoiding appearance of lumps. Besides, carriers provide some disinfection.  The most common kinds of them are propylene glycol, Listerine, glycerin and vodka.


   Tattoo Ink Colors

   Nowadays exists the large variety of tattoo ink colors. And this variety is provided not only by inks that are available, but by different recipes that tattoo artists use to receive colors. There are a few basic colors:










   These basic colors are used by tattoo artists to get different shades. Some people prefer to stay consistent with these standards but some people would like to have specific colors in their tattoos.  Mixing colors is the way to get the demanded shades.  Some tattoo ink suppliers suggest some extra colors in addition to basic ones that have been mentioned already . The most popular special colors:

   Crimson red


   Mud red




   It can be not so easy to choose tattoo ink colors. They should be chosen  with dependence on the tone of skin. Those who have fairer skin should not use yellows, oranges and other light colors - they will be hardly noticeable. It is really hard to choose the tattoo color for those who have darker tone of skin. They may use light pinks, dark reds or light blues. With this colors tattoo will look clear on the dark skin.


   There are also some special unusual tattoo colors.

   White Ink

   Now the tattooing with white ink is gaining popularity. It can be explained by the fact that white ink tattoos are visually much different that other tattoo techniques. They look like faint white lines and are the good choice for those who don't want to cover themselves with visible bold pictures.



    Henna is the substance that was used for body art since long. People obtain henna from the plant called Lawsonia inhermis. Henna body art is impermanent and secure, it can be used on any part of the body. It is painless and inexpensive - that's why a lot of people decide to depict tattoos with henna.


   UV Tattoo Ink

    This kind of tattoos will glow in the presence of UV light or black light . In normal light colors of such tattoos look bright and vibrant . There are tattoo ink that makes tattoo glow in darkness, but such inks are poisonous and insecure. Using them can entail  side effects.

    It was all the necessary information about the tattoo ink colors. So you must just choose the right ones and be sure that the tattoo will adorn your look.

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